Ocean-Inspired Residence

The Rogers Design team successfully completed a large-scale renovation in Palm Beach Gardens, transforming over 4000-square feet into a state-of-the art gallery-like environment.

“Designers are inspired when their clients are incredibly enthusiastic and open to our innovative ideas,” Lorraine Rogers Bolton said. “The Bernstein’s appreciation of ocean-inspired colors assisted us in creating their serene, resort-like interior.”

Homeowner Jill Bernstein added, “When we originally looked to buy our home in Mirasol, we weren’t sure we wanted it. The house needed a lot of work. A friend realized that we were looking at the same model that they owned and had already redone. The first time we crossed the threshold of their home, I knew I wanted my house and that I would use the design team our friend used. That was our introduction to Rogers Design.”

Palm Beach Gardens renovation

Jill continued, “Lorraine, Loralie and Robert could not have made it easier for us. We redid most of our first floor and everything came out spectacular. They were conscientious, meticulous and really nice to work with. The subcontractors they hired lived up to the level of professionalism exuded by Rogers Design. The furnishings are second to none. You will not regret choosing Rogers Design. Be sure to stay in town for the shopping trip for your accessories—it’s an experience for which I have no words.”